Welcome to Rubbin's Racin'. Feel free to browse the site through any of the switches (links) above. You are welcome to visit and browse our forums as well. Registrations are open, but registrations are moderated and fairly selective. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this, but it has to be done based on experiences with the mentality of some visitors and actions of these individuals. We want to create a better experience for those that do frequent our forum, and an atmosphere that doesn't chase well-mannered people away.

     We have hosted our Pick The Race Winner Contest (PTRW) for well over 15 years. Phathead has been the administrator of the contest for over a decade has developed it into quite the contest. It has been proven both challenging and entertaining with a format that puts great emphasis on picking the race winner. The PTRW has over 100 participants a year for quite some time, and has yet to see a repeat winner. Feel free to review the Official PTRW Rules, register and join in the contest.

     Hope you enjoy the many downloads we host for various NASCAR Racing titles from Papyrus and others. Although we will rarely, if ever, post updates to our download sections and many have even asked why we still have them online at all, we have decided they do not hurt anything just sitting there. It is surprising how many of these files are still downloaded, and we still have quite a bit of activity in the forums for these decade old racing sims. The incomplete but unique RuRa Speedway for NASCAR 2003 created in 2004 can still be found for download here.

     This site was formed nearly 20 years ago by the merger Think Fast Racing and S_Gibson's Garage. The combination of track conversions, AI, paint schemes and other miscellaneous files quickly grew the site. In about a year it grew from 6 original members to nearly 3 dozen with an active forum. After Team Lightspeed closed it forum we saw a rush of unwanted problem posters which forced us to shut down new registrations to our forum. We have always been about the quality of our poster instead of concentrating on quantity. For the last two year we have once again opened up registrations, but the moderation of who are allowed the privilege to post is selective. We welcome you to register if you would like porno to join a community of sim racers and racing fans.



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