Welcome to Rubbin's Racin' We are in the process of redoing our site and forums. Time to get back to basics. Make this site and forum enjoyable again. As the site grew it began to feel like a job and chore. This site was never meant to be a job. It was meant to be a place where friends could gather and enjoy a hobby together. Hopefully it will ge back to that.

Upgrading the forum to vBulletin was one of the worst mistakes made with this site. The software is a resource hog and difficult to work with. It has been a thorn in my side to maintain. While it is appreciated that Phathead spent the money to purchase vBulletin 4 and vBulletin 5 for the site I think it is time for change. I can't get the forum set back up with the existing database and no one has reached out to assist. I have also found no way to bring our current database and attachments into other forum software.

Guess this will be an opportunity to start from scratch.



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